Today’s mail. Sometimes I forget that this actually happened @bostonmarathon

Today’s mail. Sometimes I forget that this actually happened @bostonmarathon

Presented without comment

lysrunning replied to your post: I seriously cannot eat m&ms withou…

I need all my skittles and m&ms to be arranged by color too and then I eat two at a time.

veggielife replied to your post: I seriously cannot eat m&ms withou…

I eat them in reverse ROYGBIV, but same.

breatherunlive replied to your post: I seriously cannot eat m&ms withou…

Yup… I don’t always line them up but I definitely eat them in that order.

And mrcarlosbc on instagram:

iwouldratherberunning replied to your post “Hellooooo!”

I’m 5’11, too, but I don’t consider myself tall. I consider everyone else short. =)

I like this!

its-hard-out-here-for-a-sith replied to your post “Hellooooo!”

Ahhhh so jealous about MCM2014…I got in but will have to defer til next year (stupid shin splints keeping me off the road for two months). You’re gonna kick so much butt though. Enjoy the hell out of that course…it’s gorgeous! You’re awesome!

I deferred last year due to injury too—it was a hard choice but definitely the right one! You’ll just come back stronger next year! I’ve heard it’s a great course and a great atmosphere so I’m really excited about it. 

I seriously cannot eat m&ms without first sorting and ordering them. Then they are consumed in ROYGBIV order

I seriously cannot eat m&ms without first sorting and ordering them. Then they are consumed in ROYGBIV order


So I’ve gained quite a few new followers recently (mostly due to an old quote that I had posted last year and somehow got picked up again a couple of days ago. I should note, for the new kids: I post inspirational quotes maybe once a year. For reals. Sorry to disappoint). 

Anywho, hello! Welcome! Say hi! Or don’t. It’s cool.

Just some basic facts about this follower-followee situation: please don’t be offended if I don’t follow you back. I’m sure you’re cool but I don’t follow people who post mostly reblogs/fitspo/thinspo/etc. It’s just information overload for me. You can still talk to me though! I’ll talk back!

Also, I’m pretty useless at advice. You’re welcome to ask me things but I am in no way shape or form qualified to answer questions about nutrition, fitness, training, etc. Everything I post and say is based on how I feel and think and is tailored to my life. 

Quick Stats:

Name: Mallory

Age: 27

Height: 5’ 11” (yep, I am tall)

Weight: HA!

Training for: Marine Corps Marathon 2014. It will be my third marathon. My other two have been the Shamrock Marathon (2013) and the Boston Marathon (2014). 

You can find my race calendar here if you are interested in those things. It’s a little out of date.

Other things to note: I talk A LOT. My posts are long and usually themed. I wear weird t-shirts on Fridays. And all other days. I use a lot of exclamation points and CAPS. That’s all I got. Thanks for following!

usualchatter replied to your post “Nuun Date”

I really like nuun, I need to buy them in bulk.

I do too! I have a lot of them actually for a variety of reasons. I like that they stick to the basics and don’t add sugar to their tablets. I have been drinking them after all of my summer runs since I’m sweating so much.

thatsminethankyou replied to your post “Nuun Date”

No coffee! You’re a better woman than me!

Please believe me when I tell you that I didn’t do this 100% willingly or without a LONG inner debate. 

chelsearuns replied to your post “Nuun Date”

I have been having weird stomach issues too and EVERYONE keeps saying I’m preggo (definitely not!). Ha… But I have totally convinced myself it’s an ulcer too… I had a HORRIBLE episode of pain and nausea after some coffee the other day. Poor us!!

Oh no! Not you too! Seriously, it has to be something dire, right? WebMD has never steered me wrong (except for ALL THE TIME. Looking at you brain tumor and appendicitis).

snapthistiger replied to your post “Nuun Date”

i find tea to be less acidic than coffee and tea does not seem to bother my stomach as much as coffee might

I think part of what is making me feel sick is actually drinking hot liquids too soon after these hot runs. So no tea either, for now at least.

a-yogi-who-wods replied to your post “Nuun Date”

I had no idea my Zito posts were giving an ulcer. Sorry, friend. I’ll try to tone it down.

He’s just too cute—I clearly can’t handle it ;) ALSO: where’s Dapper Duesday?! I follow you for outfits and dogs, don’t let me down!

Nuun Date

Sigh, it’s day two without coffee. Yes, I KNOW. This isn’t even one of those “30-Days Without X” challenges or “I read an article on the dangers of Z and now am convinced I need to give it up.” No, I am definitely PRO coffee but lately, it’s been making my stomach really hurt. And then I feel nauseated (not pregnant. But webMD has convinced me I have an ulcer or stomach cancer).  So I got myself some caffeinated nuun and am giving up coffee for a while. This way, at least I can mitigate some withdrawal symptoms while also getting in those electrolytes or whatever.

Yes, I am tired. Yes, I have a slight headache. Yes, I regret this. But no stomach aches!

I had basically the most boring weekend ever, the highlight was this:

You know what: obviously my pace was a bit under what I prefer but it was really quite a nice run. I decided that instead of attacking those hills like crazy and then dying afterwards or walking, I would just let them roll underneath me. Sure, my paces were slower but I felt way steadier so I’m going to consider that a good thing.

Since I was bored out of my mind on Sunday, I decided to go on a bike ride to buy my nuun and consider it crosstraining. I rode for a little over 13 miles in over an hour or so (with a break for nuun purchase). Quite pleasant day really.

Yesterday, being Monday, I was back on the run with a normal 5.5 at an average 8:00 pace. I totally felt that long run and bike ride in my legs yesterday, plus it was HUMID. Things cleared up after my run but the morning was a brutal, weather wise. I made the mistake of wearing capris—regretted that choice after about half a mile.

It’s gorgeous today but it’s swim day so I missed out on enjoying this weather. Luckily tomorrow is also looking good! 

I do think I’m getting better at just accepting the conditions given to me on my runs. I can’t say that I am necessarily pleased about feeling slower and more sluggish in general but hopefully it’s just a phase. We’ll see how tomorrow goes!


matteostori replied to your post:

did you take the pic in the shower? ;-D

Sssh! I am all about flattering (ish) light for my pictures and the bathroom happened to have the best light for taking my picture. And my shower curtain brings out the blue in my eyes, OBVIOUSLY.

 I needed a shower post-haste though. Such a gross feeling when the sweat is cooling off and leaving you sticky. It didn’t take me long after that popsicle to return.

Tumblrs, Runblrs and Fitblrs with Wanderlust You Need This…


Fantastic competition idea for Bloggers to swap lives with other Bloggers for 10 days.

I’d feel bad for the blogger who got my life:

"So…you just hang at your home…all the time?"

"Sometimes I do things!"

"Grocery shopping doesn’t count."