I’m pretty sure I’ve been telling people for a while now how doing the floor in the basement “won’t be too bad” and how “I think I can handle it.” How the mighty do fall. #diysucks

I’m pretty sure I’ve been telling people for a while now how doing the floor in the basement “won’t be too bad” and how “I think I can handle it.” How the mighty do fall. #diysucks

Picking up my new basement floor! (at Lumber Liquidators)

Picking up my new basement floor! (at Lumber Liquidators)


Lately, I’ve been snapchatting a lot more than I’ve been instagramming or tweeting or whatever. So just in case you want super fascinating insights into my everyday life, you all can totally follow me on snapchat if you like. Mostly pictures of my feet. Or a weird plant. Sometimes wine. I’m pretty cool.



My favorite part about fall is stepping on crunchy leaves.


And pumpkin bread. Take you PSLs, world, I’ll take my warm out of the oven goodness.

Tea Time Tuesday!

First of all, HOW have I survived this long without regular injections of coffee? Over-caffeinated was basically my middle name! I started drinking it off and on again (depends on how I feel after a few hours in the morning and usually only if I’m getting it from a coffee shop) but nothing like I used to. In general, coffee-free life hasn’t been too bad! Although, I could use one today, to be honest. But there’s not a good coffee place close by so tea it is!

You know what’s good right now? Pretty much EVERYTHING. I’m serious, everything is just chugging along like I want it to (and being a liiiittle bit of a control freak, “like I want it to” is key here).

Running is awesome because it’s FALL. Fall running is my very favorite thing. It’s crisp and cool and it’s just THE BEST. I’ve actually had to talk myself out of going out MORE often and sticking with recovery and cross training days. Saturday’s run was actually a huge confidence boost after having taken off the week before due to my foot:

It was a good effort run. I’m not saying it was easy and there weren’t moments of awful but yeah…I’m glad I was able to get through that. I think I will go for 20 this weekend, like  my schedule has planned.

The best part of that run was seeing a bunch of Ragnar runners! I didn’t realize my path would follow there’s through the city. But I seriously got a little boost every time I saw them because man, I’ve been there. They were all probably on their last legs and so I tried to smile (without getting creepy) when I saw them.

Even whole30-ish eating is going well! The ONE thing I notice is that I’m hungrier overall. Like…when I wake up. When I’m running. After running. After breakfast. Etc. It’s an odd feeling so I’m not really sure what to do about it. Eat more? But I don’t think more volume at meals will really help so I’m not really sure what to do about that. But I feel better, on the whole. My runs are fine again. My stomach isn’t constantly making noises. So that’s good!

AND AND AND! My kitchen renovation starts NEXT WEEK! I AM SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU. Before and after pics will happen.

Okay, I’ll stop word vomiting about my various happy things. But YAY FOR FALL!

For the first time in three years I decided to walk around a park by my office after work. I had no idea it was so extensive!  (at Bohrer Park)

For the first time in three years I decided to walk around a park by my office after work. I had no idea it was so extensive! (at Bohrer Park)

Whole30 and Running

lizzielulu114 replied to your post “Graphic T-Shirt Friday!”

Spot on with my whole30 thoughts. Feels amazing- less bloat, food tastes better, I sleep better, etc but then long runs are so much harder!

footy-chic replied to your post “Graphic T-Shirt Friday!”

As much as I groan when I read the W30 forums, the one for Athletes seems to have some good advice. Like dates for mid-run fuel. Maybe they might have some answers there?

katebikerun replied to your post “Graphic T-Shirt Friday!”

I’m pretty sure the whole 30 was made without considerations for endurance runners, go for it!

From what I’ve been reading, there’s definitely a transition period as your body shifts from using carbs for energy and starts using more fats. It can apparently take 3-8 WEEKS for the transition to happen and I’m not really sure I’m willing to take that on AND do peak training for the marathon.

I think what had me fooled is that people like manvmiles are crazy good endurance runners AND follow paleo/whole30 principles so I kind of thought it wouldn’t be too bad! 

I’m going to see how tomorrow’s long run goes and then maybe start eating quinoa. Definitely keeping legumes and other grains out though!

Looking at the Marine Corps Marathon course

(hey, it’s never too early)

and I’m starting to get that tingly, race excitement feeling! 

I love racing in the fall. It’s going to be amazing!

Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

Aaand it’s kind of no-pants Friday too since I am wearing my leggings again. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. As is this shirt. It makes me miss Reno though.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, knowing that my foot is actually okay. I spent the whole week between the pain starting and the doctor’s appointment trying not to plan my worst-case scenario (sell my bib, take 6 weeks off of running, find a new way to stay in shape, cry, etc) and failing miserably. The run before the appointment didn’t help much since that pain was still there but yesterday things were better:

I took it easy-ish again and skipped the big hill, opting for a stretch on the flat path by my house. 

You know what DID suck yesterday? Everything else. Whole30-esque (I have definitely not been strict about it) eating definitely caught up with me. I felt hungry when I woke up and then hallow the whole run through. I had no energy pumping through me. It was really really hard to keep moving. 

It’s funny, because I was kind of feeling smug about how not hard this whole30 thing was feeling: the biggest adjustment was that I don’t usually get my protein from meat and now I’m eating meat at lunch and dinner. Also, no honey when I make my salad dressings. But overall, it hasn’t been that bad.

Ha. And HA again. I thought I was getting adequate carbs from the veggies that I’ve been eating but it’s still definitely a change from adding quinoa and lentils to my meals. No toast with peanut butter in the morning before my swims. Little things like that apparently really add up! I’m not really sure what to do at this point because whole30 feels really good, My stomach feels less bloated and my cravings and appetite are under control. But….marathon training. 

I have 13 on the schedule tomorrow (may bump it to 15 to compensate for skipping my 18 miler last weekend) so I feel like I don’t really want to struggle the whole way through. But I don’t really want to compromise the whole30 principles. Decisions, decisions.

Other than that, life is so good today. It’s gorgeous and FALL-like outside. I have fun weekend plans. So you could say that I’m a-okay.

Happy Friday, tumblrinos! 

ariavie replied to your photo “I remember sitting in this chair last year! Same foot, different pain….”

Just curious, do you normally run in more shoe than the one on your right foot? Hope you get good news.

I don’t actually run in these shoes (New Balance Minimus). I got them two years ago (I think) and tried to run in them but they really just didn’t work for me AT ALL. I like them for walking though. 

I run in the Saucony Guides usually and will run once a week in the Lady Issac’s from Newton.