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says adults should go to the latter half. i’m thinking 7 pm?

Aaand I totally got my ticket. I’ve never head of this place but it looks cool! So basically, other area tumblrs, you should come. 

bite back!

A+ response :)

Next week I’ll do my very best
A Summary of My Morning Run:

Hill repeats can bite me. 

More Swimming Advice/Notes!

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When I want to split a lane with someone, I always sit at the edge of the lane and dangle my foot in the water so they can see me. Once I’m acknowledged, I hop in!

Basically, it’s like crossing a street: make sure the “driver” sees you before you go barging into traffic.

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Also some pools (at least mine does) have lanes designated slow, medium, fast, and family, so watch out for those!

We have these too! But no one seems to really observe them haha.

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My pool does circle swimming. I’ve seen in action! But the lane was twice as wide as normal and there was only one lane for lap swimmers.

Aaah, that would help! I think if you have more than two swimmers per lane, circle swimming is more efficient but hopefully that won’t happen too often!

Tell me about lap swimming! A few locations of my gym have pools and I’d like to try it because I’m not a very strong swimmer (I skipped all my HS swim classes so my peers wouldn’t see me in a bathing suit). Nervous to start though!

It is definitely a slightly scary experience when you don’t have any real background in it! It’s like going to my local high school track: I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing since I learned it all online, haha.

First things first: get yourself a good bathing suit and some goggles. Swim cap is optional—I got one because it protects my hair. 

Second (and this is what I tell myself for all sorts of other situations as well): remember, no one really cares what you do. Seriously. Everyone else is at the pool to do their own thing and they can’t really watch and judge you because they are BUSY. 

Third: if the pool isn’t crowded, find yourself a lane you don’t have to share. Now it’s yours and you control it, mwaha. If someone wants to share it with you, they have to ask (and they should). Oh, make sure all lanes are available for lap swim. If there are lessons going on, some may be reserved.

IF you have to share a lane: find one that contains someone who looks competent but not fast. AVOID MEN IN SPEEDOS. Oh, and anyone doing the butterfly. Awkwardly hover on the edge, waiting for the person in the lane to acknowledge you and ask if it’s okay to share their lane. They will say yes. If they ignore you for more than two laps, just get into the lane and make sure they see you before you start swimming.

(All pools post some sort of ridiculous thing about circle swimming. No one actually does this. Just split the lane in half and stick to your half)

Swim! As long as you are going in a lap-like direction, you can do whatever you want. I count laps and change up what I’m doing every five or so.

It definitely helps to keep your mind occupied if you have a plan instead of just winging it. Something simple like what I do or even just: one lap freestyle, one lap breast stroke and repeat. When I first started doing swimming a my work out I did a length out with freestyle and then the length back as breast stroke. With rests at the end of each lap.

I hope my super casual swim guide is somewhat helpful! I really do like swimming: it’s calming in a way.

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Margaritas, wine and chocolate?! That’s serious.

Just considering cutting back. National Tequila Day is on Thursday so celebratory margaritas are a must. And chocolate is a food group. Wine has antioxidants. I can’t get rid of them completely!

What are your swimming workouts? I want to start some but am kind of at a loss for plans and programming.

I’m not a very good swimmer so I don’t do anything advanced like sprints or try to go for a time on the laps or anything. My basic plan is:

5 laps freestyle (with flip turns if I can do them!)

1 length backstroke

5 laps freestyle 

1 length backstroke

1 lap with the kick board

repeat x 3  for around 40 minutes of swimming (depending on the amount of time I have, I may do more laps but I’m usually running late).

I just try to go at a sustainable pace. Swimming is more therapy and cross training for me than a real workout. 

I was terrified the first few times I went to the pool because I was worried everyone would be a serious swimmer. There are a few of those but mostly it’s a lot of older people who just want to swim steadily back and forth (like me!) without getting crazy. 

Coffee Date!

Happy Tuesday, tumblrs!

My hair is getting OUT OF CONTROL (it looks fine in this pictures but that took a while, trust). I mean, today was a swim day so it’s not usually looking great after that but I think I need a haircut (remember how I said I was going to talk about this for months before actually doing it, months ago?). I’ve started braiding it for my runs because the heat and humidity along with the hair are getting gross. Men reading this, just say thank you that long hair isn’t in style for you.

Speaking of heat and humidity: over it. Totally over it. It’s not even THAT hot and humid but it’s making me really tired. Every day I run, I feel more fatigued than usual. So let’s get to those runs:

Saturday was long run day, 10 miles. Just an easy, no brainer, ten miler. HA.

I’m back on those hills and as usual, you can see them getting to me in the second half of my run. It was hot but nothing close to as bad as it was the week before so that was nice. But still, eff you heat and humidity and hills (you know what else starts with the letter “h”? HELL. Coincidence? I think not).

Sunday was a cross training day so I went to the gym and watched HGTV  rode the stationary bike and did a bunch of strength training. 

Then Monday morning it was back outside for this:

Fine, I’ll take it.

I know I can’t really expect to hit fall/winter paces but still, some of those numbers are a bit discouraging. 


I’ve done some thinking about my paces and my marathons and all that. Not only did I run Boston slower  than Shamrock (for many many reasons) but I felt less capable. And I’ve been feeling more tired for a while now, probably most of 2014 if we’re being honest. I think there’s a lot of factors at play here but… I’m wondering if (ugh I hate to even say this) my weight has something to do with it. 

Going into Shamrock I was at least 8lbs lighter than when I went into Boston. I don’t know where I’m at right now but I do know that clothes are a little tighter this year than last year. And it’s not a big deal, for life in general, but 8 lbs (ish) can be a lot to carry over many many miles. 

So, basically, I’m trying to be more active than I have been. I used to walk 1-2 hours every day after work and I don’t do that as often. Those walks are coming back. I went to yoga for 90 minutes last week and did a yoga video last night. I’m aiming to go the gym once a week for the bike and strengthening. Little stuff. 

And I might need to consider cutting back on my margaritas and wine and chocolate. 

I’m not dieting. I’m not exercising myself into oblivion (and injury!). I’m just focusing and getting myself back into the training mind set, that’s all.

Anyways, that’s my head space these days. Hope you’re having lovely Tuesdays!

Wow. JUST WOW. Where do you find PB cup Oreos?

At my local grocery store. I was having a DAY yesterday too, and they had about ten different kinds of Oreos (on sale!) so I thought I would buy some and bring them to work today. I also bought Fudge Cream Oreos and…Lord help me.