Holy Preplanning, Batman!

Technically, if I follow a Hal Higdon Marathon training plan for the Marine Corps Marathon (which is my current plan), I don’t actually have to start training until the first week of July. Which means, I don’t have to start writing that plan up, type-A style until like June, right?


I have found like…SIX races (AT LEAST) that I want to do this summer/fall. Which basically means I’m entering all of my runs into my Google Calendar now. So I know if I can fit these races into my training. 

There are times when I really do wonder about the person that running has made me. 

  1. katebikerun said: SAME. I put all my races into google calendars, as well as packet pickups. I said I wasn’t going to do anymore races, but there’s a 6 hour race in July I want to do and I’m already thinking about ultras next year!! I am always training or else I’m bored!
  2. beyondconsulting said: Its a good person, don’t worry ;)
  3. whitneyrunson said: I’m in the same boat. I mapped my training plan out for my 50K in October in January…probably not sane
  4. runningwithcrohns said: I’ve already written down the long runs to train for the Baltimore marathon in my Google calendar and RnR VA Beach and the Parks Half Marathon fit in quite nicely.
  5. cupcakeconditioning said: LOL - last week I input my MCM training plan into my Google calendar, and I don’t start training until July either….
  6. runningwithpump said: My November marathon training has planned for weeks. I think I enjoy the planning way more than the running sometimes.
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