My weekend in pictures!

SATURDAY:  Dropped my roommates off at the airport first things and then hustled home to take Susie out into Rock Creek for an hour. I did an out and back. In between, I locked up my bike and ran a mile on one of the trails—just to stretch my legs.

Then for EXTRA FITBLR POWER, I swam laps for 50 minutes at my pool! No one was there at 11am and it was perfect. Also perfect? The weather!

So when I’d had my power breakfast after my two hours of working out, I clearly had to go back to the pool.

Then a friend and I went to Frederick, MD for some exploring in the afternoon. God, that place is super cute. I would totally live there if I had any reason to. 

SUNDAY RUNDAY: I was going for 10 miles Sunday morning but miscalculated and also…totally ran out of steam. I realllly started feeling it around 6.5 miles in…which is 100% reflected in my splits. I’m not sure if I just pushed too hard early in the run, or needed more fuel or what but I really suffered the last couple of miles. 

After my run, I ran errands and headed to a friend’s baby shower. Weird, man. So weird. But nice! And then I had drinks with another friend before heading home for BREAKING BAD!

But overall, everything was ticking along and I had a fabulous relaxing and fulfilling weekend! Hope it was the same for all of you!

  1. snapthistiger said: nice running skirt (i think its a skirt, anyway) & those splits are rock solid!
  2. tothemarathonandback said: Is that a running skirt? Cute! :)
  3. josethompson said: Are those clothes on top of your door?
  4. katebikerun said: I grew up in Frederick! Its a lot more built up than 10+ years ago when I was there, but its a cool small/big town. Nice run! Glad youre ankle is starting to feel good finally!
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